Praying With Our Legs was born out of deep concern for rhetoric and actions that threaten the most vulnerable amongst us. As Jews and people of faith we bear a sacred responsibility to answer the call of our prophets to form a community not indifferent to suffering, impatient with cruelty and falsehood, and continually concerned for God and every person.

Our founder is Rabbi David Paskin. He is a proud member of and activist in many progressive organizations including T'ruahBend the ArcRabbis Against Gun ViolenceHIAS, and more.

In early 2016, Rabbi David began Come Together Against Hate to counter the hatred and bigotry of the presidential election season. 

Later that year, following the election, he partnered with Rabbi Menachem Creditor and many talented Jewish musicians to produce "There is Hope," a collection of songs of hope and healing in difficult times.

In 2017, Rabbi David joined together with Jewish educator and activist, Peter Eckstein to create Praying With Our Legs.


The phrase "Praying With Our Legs" originates from Frederick Douglass. He said in his autobiography, "I prayed for freedom for twenty years, but got no response until I prayed with my legs." It was made famous, more recently, by Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel who quotes Douglas in response to the third march in Selma over the Edmund Pettis bridge. With them at that time was Dr. Martin Luther King and now Congressman John Lewis.


The statement comes from a letter that he wrote to King after the March expressing his gratitude for being a part of the march. These words have become a significant part of the history of American Jews in relation to the civil rights movement and continue to inspire our work today.