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As descendants of Adam, the first human, all people share basic equality. None amongst us can say, "I am greater" or "my faith/gender/race is greater." We are all equal members of the human family, intimately linked to one another by our Creator. Therefore, people of faith must work tirelessly for all forms of equality: Income equality, social equality, marriage equality, racial equality, and gender equality.

"A single person was created for the sake of peace among humankind, that one should not say to another, “My father was greater than your father”." -Sanhedrin 4.5

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Gratefully borrowed from South Florida Activism


"Therefore but a single person was created in the world, to teach that if any man has caused a single life to perish from Israel, he is deemed by Scripture as if he had caused a whole world to perish; and anyone who saves a single soul from Israel, he is deemed by Scripture as if he had saved a whole world." -Sanhedrin 4.5

Racial Equality - We will actively work towards dismantling the systemic racism and violence which threatens the black and brown people of our communities. We will demand political, social, legal, economic and educational equality and access for all races.

Healthcare & Reproductive Rights - We will demand safe, affordable, accessible healthcare for all, regardless of insurability, economic factors, or citizenship. This includes a person's right to legal abortions and affordable, accessible birth control, and the need for a substantial overhaul on how our veterans are treated as patients.

LGBTQ+ Equality - We are committed to opposing any legislation that marginalizes the rights and wellbeing of those in the LGBTQ+ community, whether based on gender or sexual orientation. We recognize that gender and orientation are spectrums, and will actively support equality of civil rights including employment, housing, medical care, adoption, and marriage.

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